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Company Overview

Akron Biotech is focused on providing its customers with superior quality Serum and Reagent products for Research and Development. As a global product supplier, it specializes in manufacturing and supplying cell culture and cell biology products aimed at the biopharmaceutical and biotechnology markets.

Akron’s network of clients include large Research and Development reagent companies and contract research organizations. The Company provides Serum and Reagent products for preliminary research and small or large scale applications.

Akron Biotech will be adding services such as assay development and validation, which in conjunction with process development services can house all of its customers’ initial needs in early development stages.

Our Company’s unique business model provides significant cost savings to our customers by offering bulk sera as well as bulk amounts of recombinant proteins at high purity. Our experienced biotech staff understands the need to deliver high quality products on time as well as the need to ensure excellent quality standards. In addition, our diverse staff has extensive knowledge of conducting business seamlessly for our national and international customers.

Akron Biotech is headquartered in South Florida, and has offices in South America and manufacturing facilities around the world. We have established an Advisory Board and are collaborating with several research institutions in order to deliver our customers the highest quality products and services while achieving our goal of being an industry leader.



We aim to provide customers in academic science, research & development and diagnostics with efficient tools for cell and protein separation. For each segment, we develop separation tools to isolate target cells and/or proteins from a wide variety of biological fluids. We always remain focused on the user-friendliness of our products, ensuring high quality results and additionally reducing time and resources for the routine tasks of our customers. The cell and protein separation tools developed by pluriSelect are versatile in application and form the basis of research in cancer, rheumatic illnesses, arteriosclerosis and allergies.


About us

Matrigen is an emerging life sciences company that is developing an extensive line of products that replicate the softness of the body’s tissues in conventional cell culture formats.

Our objective is to make cell culture more real without making life more complicated for the bench scientist.


About us
Biolamina is in the forefront of cell culturing and offers premium high technology products combined with outstanding scientific support. Our products empower scientists to start a new era in medical research, ultimately enabling cell therapy.
We are known and recognized for our products, competence, dedication and service, all contributing to our customers’ efficiency and scientific breakthroughs.


MTI-GlobalStem Company Overview

GlobalStem is the commercial research products and services division of Molecular Transfer, Inc. (MTI-GlobalStem).  During the summer of 2002, a small group of highly experienced biotechnology professionals left Invitrogen/LIFE to launch Molecular Transfer, Inc. (MTI) with the vision of providing superior products in the area of transformation and transfection reagents. The founding scientific members of this team have a history of innovation and success in the development of leading-edge technologies in this arena. They led the development and pioneering commercialization of virtually all of the offerings in the famous *DH5α™, DH10B™, and Lipofectamine™ families of products during their tenure with Invitrogen, and formerly, Life Technologies/BRL.

At the end of 2009 MTI acquired GlobalStem to bring together proven experts in transfection and stem cell biology giving MTI an advantage in the market.  View Press Release.

The mission of GlobalStem is to advance stem cell and neurobiology research by supplying scientists with the necessary tools and reagents needed to work more efficiently and obtain reliable results faster.  Stem cells, particularly pluripotent stem cells, are a notoriously labile cell type. Without careful attention, these cells tend to spontaneously differentiate and undergo genomic rearrangements in culture. Few products are currently available specifically for human embryonic stem cells. By utilizing the skills and experience of a team of highly specialized stem cell scientists, GlobalStem is filling the gap with stem-cell-optimized and -qualified growth media, sera, feeder cells, supplements, growth factors and assay kits.

Mill Creek Life Sciences

Mill Creek Life Sciences will provide the tools and technologies to support the development and application of cellular and biologic therapeutics.
Mill Creek Life Sciences was founded in 2010 for the express purpose of licensing, developing, and commercializing certain intellectual property, patents and know-how, related to production of a novel cell culture supplement. We are making products to supplement cell culture used in growing stem cell and primary cells for clinical and research markets. The company is based in Rochester, Minnesota with our GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility to be located in Minnesota.

Rocky Mountain Biologicals, Inc.

RMBIO specializes in the development and production of high performance sera, protein fractions, and cell culture media supplements you need for both lab and diagnostic purposes.
Our science is creating quality, performance oriented products that make your science better.
The mission of RMBIO is to provide quality cell culture media components, products, and services using the highest safety and compliance standards, to meet the needs of our customers in the global bioprocessing and clinical diagnostic industries.
RMBIO's state-of-the-art and industrial scale facility is located in Missoula, MT. From here, we manufacture and ship products for use in a range of applications to labs across the country.
RMBIO's team combines technical expertise, dedication to service and a culture of innovation with over 100 years of combined production and commercial experience in the cell culture media industry.

Innovative Cell Technologies

Innovative Cell Technologies was founded 14 years ago in San Diego.  Twelve years ago, C. Kevin and Margie Becker purchased ICT and the technology from the original founders. Previously, the Beckers had founded and run a micro flow cytometry reagent and software business, Phoenix Flow Systems.  Starting from scratch with ICT, Kevin wrote all the SOPs to document the entire manufacturing process which were not provided in the original sale of ICT. (Minor Detail)  Within two years of the purchase of the company, and after the purchase of a building in the biotech area of San Diego, all manufacturing, including sterile fill and finish of all ICT products were brought in house.  ICT now has a Quality Control system, manufacturing suite, walk in cold rooms and freezers and an 18 mega Ohm water system.  
ICT's products have seen steady growth in sales from the day C. Kevin & Margie purchased the company.  We would like to say this partially a result of our outstanding marketing strategies, but alas that would not be true.  We practice stealth marketing.  Accutase and Accumax sell because they are superior products that work better than any cell detachment product on the market.  It also turns out they work darn well on embryonic stem cells.



ALSTEM is a startup biotech company based in the San Francisco Bay Area that specializes in iPS cell reprogramming technology and related products. Founded in early 2012 by a team of scientists with extensive experience in both academic and industrial biotechnology, we are continually looking for ways to improve the quality and usability of our products.
Our main goal is to identify what difficulties you are encountering during your research and what we can do to simplify the process. ALSTEM aims to have a superb relationship with our clients. We encourage prospective and current customers to contact us so that we can design products and services that are directly tailored to your needs.
Simply put, we want your business and are willing to do whatever it takes to keep it. ALSTEM can cater to your needs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on the website, please feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to address your needs. We see our modest size as an advantage because it allows each member of our team to communicate directly with our customers. When you call ALSTEM, you’ll immediately be speaking with one of our employees who can answer your questions. Zero automated voices, that’s a promise.

Beacle, Inc

Beacle Inc was founded to industrialize “Bio-nanocapsule” which is invented through the collaboration work by Keio, Osaka, Kobe and Okayama Universities.
Bio-nanocapsule (BNC) is a hollow nano-size particle produced by expressing the surface antigen of hepatitis B virus in yeast, and useful as a carrier for drug delivery system (DDS). DDS is very important technology for developing more effective and safer pharmaceuticals, and is used not only for improvement of old-fashioned medicines with low molecular chemicals but also for to inhibit degradation of newly developing nucleotides-related medicines. There are two important factors in DDS technology. One is the safety and the other is the targeting ability. BNC is by itself has the ability to recognize hepatic cells, and make it possible to deliver active ingredient to hepatic cell specific manner. We also developed BNCs which recognize other cells than hepatic cells, and using these BNC it is possible to deliver compounds to other cell types.
We has also developing several kinds of reseach reagents for proten detection, immunohistochemistry, and others. One of the very new western blot reagent kit, Easy-WESTERN is developed by using ant-boby-binding BNC.
Thus, Beacle Inc concentrated its effort to develop production and application technology of BNC.


TransFix® was developed by medical scientists from UK NEQAS (part of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust), out of the requirement to produce stabilised blood samples that could be used in External Quality Assurance programs for flow cytometry.
TransFix has been in circulation in the research world since 1999. In 2005 the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust licensed TransFix to Cytomark making it readily available to the clinical and scientific world. ISO 13485 Accreditation
Caltag Medsystems have been accredited to ISO 13485:2003 standard.
Globally recognised, the ISO 13485 standard defines the quality management system requirements for manufacture of medical devices. For Caltag Medsystems, ISO 13485 accreditation incorporates the ‘manufacture and supply of cellular stabilisation reagents for research and in vitro diagnostic use ’Caltag Medsystems already manufactures a number of products for the medical sector, and achieving the ISO 13485 standard demonstrates proven quality credentials through independent verification.
We work to cGMP standards under Human Tissue Authority Licence no. 22622 and are therefore fully compliant with the EUCTD - European Cells and Tissues Directives.

Compass Biomedical, Inc.

Compass Biomedical is developing novel products and technologies to translate stem cell based therapies to the marketplace. As a part of the Arteriocyte Family, Compass Biomedical has access to a strong pipeline of cutting edge research and development products as well as commercialization and clinical expertise, making Compass Biomedical an ideal choice for bridging the gap between basic research and clinical applications.


iBiologics, LLC

iBiologics is a leading global provider of high quality reagents, human tissue and tissue-based products designed to be used by researchers, drug discovery scientists with applications in a variety of life science market segments including ADME testing, regenerative medicine and others.
We operate a state of the art human cell collection and processing facility managed by qualified clinicians and scientists, allowing us to provide our customers with a consistent and reliable source of reagents and human derived products.
iBiologics is fully certified in accordance with Local, State and Federal requirements.  Our products are obtained from volunteers participating under an approved Institute Review Board (IRB), and each donor is screened for general health and infectious disease testing.


A major challenge upon the completion of the Human Genome Project is to understand the roles that proteins play in normal and pathological processes. Large-scale proteomics efforts such as protein profiling, protein structure-determination, protein functional assignment, and protein-protein interaction analysis, are required to assign functions to the hundreds of thousands of human proteins. ProMab is a biotechnology company formed to meet these post-genomics needs. Founded and managed by a team of scientists with extensive experience in both academic and industrial biotechnology, ProMab develops and commercializes recombinant proteins and custom monoclonal antibodies through the integration of bioinformatics, gene cloning, protein expression and purification, and immunology, using novel high-throughput technologies. ProMab applies its proprietary proteins and antibodies to deliver innovative diagnostic products as well as services targeting the global biomedical market through collaborations with other biotechnology and bio-reagent companies. ProMab aims to be one of the leading suppliers of bio-reagents in the twenty-first century and is committed to improving human health.


Vivantis is a research-based biotechnology company incorporated in 2002. We specialize in the production of Restriction Enzymes, DNA extraction kits, DNA amplification reagents and other related products for molecular biology research. Our products stem from research done in-house to provide integrated solutions to life science researchers world wide. We ensure a constant stream of pioneering innovations from our experienced scientists in our R & D team. This includes kits for molecular biology applications, recombinant enzymes, improved protein stains, markers and ladders


ProSpec provides proteins, services and technology license to a broad range of customers around the globe from academic and government research institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, as well as hospitals and reference laboratories. 
ProSpec's goal is to supply proteins which are crucial to the research industry to meet and exceed quality, consistency and requirements by our customers worldwide. The company welcomes partnerships with pharmaceutical and industrial companies for development of future proteins.

Sunlong Biotech

Sunlong Biotech, based in China, HangZhou, and have office in USA specialized in elisa kits, diagnostic reagent kit, antibody, food safety cards for life science research. The comprehensive product lines support applications in the study of all major life science research areas, including molecular biology, immunology, cell biology, proteomics and genomics research.
It has extended the products to more than 20 countries world-wide, and has established business relationship with overseas enterprises, as well as established mutual benefit relationship with the partners. Sunglong Biotech will improve productivity and help you by providing a broad spectrum of reagents, kits, and technologies for life science research.

Anacyte Laboratories

Anacyte Laboratories is dedicated to facilitate and improve molecular analyses of bio-molecules. Anacyte develops state of the art systems for bio-molecule analyses in the post-genomic era of sciences, focusing on understanding of genetic circuits, which enable sophisticated regulatory networks to specify cells´ fate, development and function.




Biotool.com is a biotech company that provides best-in-class supplies and reagents that are commonly used in experimental laboratories for medical and biological research. Our mission is to best serve our research community around the globe with unbelievable cost savings and with high quality products.
Research expenses, especially on common supplies and reagents have been skyrocketing over the years. Many research Institutions and groups are facing rough financial challenges. We understand that cost saving has become top priority in many of researchers’ minds. Biotool.com offers products at a much lower price compared with other competitors, with an average savings of 40-70%. We believe that your work should not be slowed down or stopped by lack of research reagents.
We also understand that cost savings should not compromise research excellence, and we make sure that our products are offered in the highest quality! We have a tireless QC team of research experts that vigorously test these products. We have all products validated by independent academic research groups prior to market launch. Our goal is to bring to you the best research tools!
We do our best to help you to move your research forward in a cost-effective way! We hope that you can take full advantage of what we offer here to gain the most for your own research!

Screen Cell

Through the isolation of circulating rare cells, ScreenCell is committed to contribute to the development of non-invasive approaches to the monitoring of patients with cancer and prenatal diagnosis. We are convinced that our capacity to isolate Circulating Tumor Cells and Circulating Fetal Cells will benefit of specific co-developments, particularly through combining the ScreenCell devices with existing kits to allow the use of pre-formatted and well controlled protocols as well as with cytological and molecular biology automates. Such co-developments should allow delivering improved products and services to the best benefit of patients.
Therefore, we wish develop academic collaborations, become involved in clinical trials and build co-developments with partners providing that they can positively benefit to the field of cancer and prenatal diagnosis and to the commercialization of our devices and combined technologies. This will include licensing and co-marketing.


Part of the Pharmacells™ group of companies and brands, we are experts in the invention, development and commercialisation of new biotechnology and life sciences products.  
Our product range is multi-patented and available all over the world.
We are based in the United Kingdom and operate from our own, fully UK regulatory compliant laboratory facilities.
Our in-house team of experienced scientists work in collaboration with some of the world's most respected institutions and biotechnology firms to create new products, particularly in the cell biology space.
We're most well-known for our Oristem® adult stem cell banking product range which is revolutionising the way that stem cells are stored for adults around the world.
We also work with stem cells to develop new types of personalised cell therapies and it is that work that lead us to find new ways to improve cell viability.


We develop instruments, software and methods for the analysis of molecular interactions.
Our instrument family LigandTracer is dedicated to cell-based real-time interaction analysis. The TraceDrawer evaluation software turns data evaluation efficient, both for LigandTracer and for several other instrument platforms on OEM basis. We also help companies and universities improving assays and methods as part of our consultancy program.
As a spin-out company from Uppsala University in Sweden, we value close contact with state-of-the-art research. Being situated in Uppsala has other advantages: the region has a 70-year old tradition of perfecting biotech tools. With many biotech companies of different sizes present within driving distance we together create the innovative atmosphere required for success.

Magento Commerce

About us

The ubiquitin-proteasome system (UPS) plays essential roles in mediating various cellular events including gene transcription, signal transduction, cell cycle progression and protein quality control in eukaryotic cells.

Biochemically, the UPS consists of two main procedures: protein ubiquitination and proteasome degradation. Protein ubiquitination is a posttranslational modification, which is accomplished by a cascade of enzymatic reactions requiring a ubiquitin activating E1 enzyme, a ubiquitin conjugating E2 enzyme and a ubiquitin E3 ligase.

Ubiquitin can be covalently conjugated to proteins as a monomer or a polyubiquitin chain. Usually, polyubiquitin modification targets proteins to the 26S proteasome, a 3 MDa protease complex, for degradation. Monoubiquitin and lysine 63-linked polyubiquitin modifications play nonproteolytic functions. In human cells, there are more than 1,000 proteins/enzymes involved in maintaining the normal activity of the UPS. Dysregulation of the UPS has been found to be involved in the pathophysiology of a large number of human diseases including cancer, inflammatory diseases and neurodegenerative diseases.

The Ubiquitin-Proteasome Biotechnologies (UBPBio), LLC is a privately owned company, established by several scientists and investors in 2011. UBPBio is dedicated to providing the academic and industrial communities with high quality reagents to accelerate discoveries on the UPS and related pathways. Currently, we manufacture highly purified proteasomes, E1 and E2 enzymes, Ub and Ub derivatives, proteasome inhibitors and proteasome substrates. We constantly add new products to our product line. Please visit our website often for new products and special offers.

Company Overview

NVIGEN, Inc. is a nanobiotechnology company revolutionizing the field of multifunctional nanoparticles for biomedical applications. Our pipeline of visionary solutions stems from our proprietary nanochemistry technology. NVIGEN was founded in the heart of Silicon Valley, from technologies that culminated from years of rigorous research at the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University.


Company Overview


Bovogen Biologicals was established in 2001 by Rick Clements for the purpose of manufacturing Australian origin Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) utilising a proprietary Heat Shock Process.


Since that time, Bovogen Biologicals has expanded considerably in response to the needs of their global customer base, to offer an extensive range of Australian or New Zealand origin purified animal proteins which include Bovine Immunoglobulin, Fibrinogen, Fetuin, Transferrin, Dried Plasma and Haemoglobin and Placenta Extracts.


In support of this exponential growth Bovogen Biologicals' GMP manufacturing facility has more than tripled in size with the addition of an industrial capacity freeze drying suite which is available for contract manufacturing and a purpose built sterile filtration facility where Australian or New Zealand origin Foetal Bovine Serum, (FBS), Newborn Calf Serum (NBCS), Adult Bovine Serum (ABS) and other animal sera such as porcine, ovine and equine, are processed.


Manufactured in Australia under strict GMP, Bovogen Biologicals ensures that their products meet the highest quality standards by using only Australian or New Zealand origin animal derived raw materials, collected from USDA & EU approved facilities. Being of Australian or New Zealand origin, as verified by the availability of complete animal traceability records, products manufactured by Bovogen Biologicals are free of the risk of contamination from any major epidemic diseases, such as BSE & Foot and Mouth Disease which are known to infect livestock in other regions.


This assurance of quality is recognized widely around the world throughout the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, where Bovogen Biologicals' products are used in applications from vaccine manufacturing to veterinary diagnostics. Based on its foundation of research and development, Bovogen Biologicals remains committed to working with the biopharmaceutical community through contract manufacturing, collaborative research projects and the formation of industry partnerships and looks forward to continuing to meet its customers' needs for animal derived biologicals.

Antibodies production


IMMUNOSTEP es una empresa de base biotecnológica centrada en el área de la proteómica, que investiga, desarrolla, produce y comercializa a nivel internacional, reactivos y tecnologías de diagnóstico e investigación basadas en técnicas como la Citometría de Flujo, Arrays de Proteínas o “ Tecnología Multiplex”. El equipo de IMMUNOSTEP tiene una amplia experiencia en el desarrollo de anticuerpos monoclonales y policlonales (conejo y gallina) y en control de calidad de productos de investigación y diagnóstico.

Nuestras áreas de productos incluyen inmunofenotipo celular humano y de ratón, proteínas recombinantes humanas, apoptosis, citoquinas y factores de crecimiento,  análisis de ciclo celular, detección y cuantificación de proteínas.

IMMUNOSTEP cuenta con sus propias instalaciones de desarrollo, fabricación y control de calidad de productos para investigación y diagnóstico (UNE EN ISO 9001:2000; EN ISO 13485:2003/AC:2007).

 Nuestro programa de desarrollos a través de licencias, colaboraciones y desarrollo interno de hibridomas, policlonales, proteínas recombinantes, micropartículas activadas y conjugadas produce reactivos y tecnologías para uso en una amplia variedad de técnicas.

In our labs we produce highly validated, human cells and critical reagents such as media and growth supplements. We have a passion for great science, delivering epic support and innovating future products to help our customers advance faster in their research.
Our expertise includes reprogramming cells to iPSCs and then differentiating to various cell types. We supply differentiated cells derived from healthy donors and patients of specific disease backgrounds. As a service, we also take cells provided by customers (primary or iPSC) and then do the reprogramming (when necessary) and differentiation. Clearly, by offloading the burden of generating cells, your time is freed up to focus on the research. Axol holds the necessary licenses that are required to do iPSC work.
The package wouldn't be complete without optimized media, coating solutions and other reagents. Our in-house R&D lab (Axol Innovation Labs) work hard to improve on existing media and reagents as well as innovate new products for human cell culture. We also supply a growing range of human primary cells; making Axol Bioscience your first port of call for your human cell culture needs.

Cellular Dynamics International

CDI will serve patients worldwide by driving innovations in the use of iPSC technologies in drug discovery.
Already the use of human iPSC-derived cells as a replacement for animal, immortalized, or cadaveric cells has begun to revolutionize the drug discovery industry as researchers look to better understand human disease and predict human response. CDI aims to enable researchers to increase the drug discovery success rate, speed the introduction of new drugs, establish effective efficacy and safety assessment systems, and optimize total drug development costs from target identification to clinical test phases. In such a way, we also aim to aid in repurposing existing drugs to bring greater efficiencies in social welfare budgets around the world.
CDI will serve patients worldwide by driving innovations in the use of iPSC technologies in regenerative medicine.
Already CDI has industrialized the production of human cells under the extremely high standards and has developed cGMP conditions required for regenerative medicine applications. Indeed the US National Institutes of Health has selected CDI as the partner of choice to engage in manufacturing human iPSC-derived retinal cells from patients with macular degeneration, with the end goal of eventually transplanting healthy iPSC-derived retinal cells back into the original patient to improve vision. Across multiple donors we have ensured the manufacture of high quality, highly pure and reproducible iPSCs and RPEs, which will launch fully-personalized iPSC-derived cell therapy.


Dojindo Laboratories was founded by Professor Keihei Ueno, a well-known researcher in chelating chemistry. Dojindo Laboratories was the first Japanese company to commercialize EDTA in 1951. Since then, Dojindo Laboratories has been producing reagents to support the progress of scientific research.
Dojindo Laboratories' mission is to develop innovative tools for life science research. Dojindo Laboratories strives to contribute to the improvement of quality of life through scientific findings and the development of new medicines.
At Dojindo Molecular Technologies, Inc., we strive to improve our customers' satisfaction by providing Japanese quality customer support and innovative products. Our goal is to build excellent business relationships with our customers and expand the field of life science research and development through the use of Dojindo products and support. We are pleased to continuously offer quality support for our customers.


GENOSTAFF supports your complete in-situ Hybridization (ISH) work. GENOSTAFF provides a thoroughly reliable, extremely accurate custom ISH service for you. Our proprietary ISH techniques will dramatically reduce your operating costs by eliminating the complicated time-consuming processes of ISH away from your laboratory... For many years, difficulties arose in producing satisfactory results using ISH. Traditional methods yielded very little RNA - and therefore produced results with low sensitivity - often from the result of paraffin-embedded tissue sections being not well prepared. GenoStaff has developed its own proprietary reagents and methods to produce results with high sensitivity and high specificity for those genes and proteins researchers wish to target. Compared to traditional methods, GenoStaff's methods to prepare paraffin tissue sections have produced results with very high sensitivity of target genes.


iXCells Biotechnologies USA, LLC. is a global research and development organization specializing in a variety of patient-derived iPSC and primary cells. We provide stem cell and primary cell solutions to fit your research applications for drug discovery, toxicity testing, disease modeling, cell therapy and personalized medicine. Our scientists have deep expertise in the stem cell industry and primary cell biology with many years of experience. We will work closely with your scientists, whether in the academic, pharmaceutical or biotechnology research laboratory setting to customize products to your needs. iXCells is committed to providing the most affordable, reliable and high quality iPSC and primary cell related products and services with fast turnaround time. Patient-derived iPS cells are valuable tools for developing therapeutic drugs and disease models. iXCells has a broad range of disease-specific iPS cell panels including neuronal diseases, cardiovascular diseases, haematological diseases and diabetes. Our iPSC service team consists of the industry’s leading experts, and we are proud to provide feeder-free, footprint-free iPS cells with over 95% success rate. Our iPSC services can be flexibly tailored to your needs by genetic editing, making patient-derived cells or any other collaboration. iXCells also offers a variety of primary cells, optimized culture media, 3D models and the related services to support your research efforts. For example, our 3D human skin equivalent construct consists of epidermal and dermal layers, which closely resembles human skin. It can be used as preliminary stage to study the penetration, resorption, metabolism and epidermal impedance of tested substances and it is widely used in many research areas including epidermal biology and wound healing. iXCells welcomes the opportunities to fulfilling your special requirements and energizing your discoveries.

US Biolab is a global commercial biobank and human biospecimen CRO providing solutions to biopharmaceutical and academic researchers. We are specializing in contract services for human sample validation studies such as sample collections &histology services. Our expertise is precision medicine and biomedical research projects including biomarker R&D and translational medicine. Our Biobank/repository preserving more than 300,000 high-quality bio-samples, we has developed more than 300 types of tissue microarray and cell microarray products. Sample selection from our bank and customization are both available to build the most satisfactory tissue microarrays. Partnering with us allows you to greatly accelerate and improve your research with guaranteed quality.

Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd. was established in 1922 as a predecessor of Takeda Chobei Shoten (currently, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited) pharmaceutical department. At that time, scientific research was beginning to flourish in Japan, but researchers struggled securing the reagents indispensable for their experiments.
This is why we started importing pure chemicals for experimental use, wishing to help such researchers. Since then, after starting manufacturing of reagents for the first time in Japan, we have engaged in research for new pharmaceuticals, analyses of foods and environment, development of new materials, and early detection or prevention of diseases to provide products which would enrich life of people, in anticipation of requirements of the next generation science.
Our company's foundation is based on not only the provision of sophisticated reagents but also the globally balanced quality in technological, management, and response capabilities which can respond to requirements of the next generation.
For the past ninety years, we have continued to develop as a leading company in Japan's reagent market. As an innovation partner bringing satisfaction to our customers' study results for the future, we will continue to uphold our founding philosophy, "serve the well-being of all people."